2 Mindset Shifts to Achieve Success as an Edupreneur


"To be successful as an edupreneur, you must have the right mindset combined with taking action and doing the work!"

~Erica Terry (13:56)

Here's some highlights from this episode:


...without my failures, I wouldn't be here today, but I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it all out on my own, which takes me to the first mindset shift that you must make as you move from the classroom to CEO. 


...when I first began blogging online in 2017, I took on that same mindset. I had to know everything, I had to be able to juggle all the tasks on my own. So I started this blog called Focus Implement Triumph! And I hate to tell you, but if you look it up now you won't find it or if you do it’s not my blog anymore because I failed miserably. 


I’m sharing all of this so that you can understand that to be successful in your online business. You cannot approach it with the same mindset that makes you an amazing educator. You can not try to do all the things on your own, because it is way too much. In order to be successful as an edupreneur, you have to...


Speaking of mistakes. Another mistake that I made early in my edupreneurial journey was that I gave away too much of my time for free.


Today's power hour is all about developing your edupreneur mindset.


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Here's your Power Hour Assignment:

  1. Create a list of all of the tasks that you're doing on a weekly basis for your online biz

  2. Take your list and divide each task into one of the following categories:

-Tasks that I can hire a virtual assistant to do (immediately or in the future) 

-Tasks that you can hold off on doing for now and come back to later.

-Tasks that you must get done and that you have to complete yourself.

Now for the rest of the week, I want you to focus only on completing those tasks that aren't on your must do list. If they're not on that must do list, then you're not going to do them this week.


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