#1: These 2 Mindset Shifts Will Help You Achieve Success as an Edupreneur


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This may be a hard pill to swallow. But I have to be honest, the current mindset that has made you the amazing educator that you are, you know the one, the one that's willing to do whatever it takes, including working nights and weekends without getting any extra pay. Well, that mindset isn't gonna get you very far as an edupreneur, trust me, I've tried approaching edupreneurship with an educator mindset, and it simply doesn't work. That's why today I'm sharing the two edupreneur mindset shifts that you must make to have the biggest impact in your Classroom to CEO journey.



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I’m so excited to be launching the very first episode of the Classroom to CEO podcast. I'm kicking this podcast off with a three part series that will help you develop an edupreneur mindset, identify the purpose behind those #teacherproblems that have been stressing you out and I'll be sharing some success tips from some of my favorite edupreneurs. 


But before we jump in, I want to take a moment to thank you for listening. And I'd love to get your feedback. After you finish this episode, please do me a favor and jump on over to iTunes, Spotify, or whichever platform that you're listening from and share a review. I'll be reading every single one and sharing some of my favorites on air. So I'd love to get to know you and feature you on this show. 


Let me be honest, I've been at this online business thing for a while now. And I'll be the first to admit that it took me a couple of years to develop the edupreneur mindset that enabled me to create four additional income streams in less than a year. 


Oh man, just thinking about how lost and confused I was when I first started off, makes me want to cry. 



Well, not really, because without my failures, I wouldn't be here today, but I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it all out on my own, which takes me to the first mindset shift that you must make as you move from the classroom to CEO. 


See, to be successful as a teacher, you have to be able to multitask and juggle a lot of different balls at the same time. You know exactly what I'm talking about. As a high school biology teacher, I would have 30 students in each class. And despite the fact that they all had different learning styles, I was still expected to meet their individualized needs and design lessons that ensured that each one of them was able to master the learning target. So not only did I have to know what I was talking about, not only did I have to understand my content, but I had to be able to break it down in different ways so that everyone in front of me understood what I was teaching. So that meant that I had to be knowledgeable of the entire ninth grade biology curriculum. And I had to make it easy for each one of my students to understand. I had to do all the things in order to be successful. I had to know everything in order to be successful. And I know you feel the same way as a teacher. That's what makes you so great. 



And so when I first began blogging in 2017, I took on that same mindset. I had to know everything, I had to be able to juggle all the tasks on my own. So I started this blog called Focus Implement Triumph! And I hate to tell you, but if you look it up now you won't find it or if you do it’s not my blog anymore because I failed miserably. 


I spent months researching how to start a blog and how to start an online business. 


The research said I need a website. So I created one myself, which meant that now not only am I researching how to start an online business, but I'm researching how to create a website. They said the easiest cheapest way to do it is through WordPress. So I said okay, I'll create a WordPress website research research. A few months later, I have a website. 


Now my research says I have to write a blog post every week. I said okay, I’ll write a blog post every week. 


Then my research said you have to post about your blog posts on social media. So I said okay, I'll create accounts on every different platform, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and I'll create posts every single day. I'll create twenty pins for Pinterest and manually add them all. 


I was trying to do it all and I didn't do a good job at it. It was way too much. There were way too many different balls to juggle. It was way too much. And I did all of those things, but when I got to the end of the year, I wasn't earning any money which totally defeats the purpose.



I’m sharing all of this so that you can understand that to be successful in your online business. You cannot approach it with the same mindset that makes you an amazing educator. You can not try to do all the things on your own, because it is way too much. In order to be successful as an edupreneur, you have to keep it simple, and you have to understand the power of one. 


Choose one social media platform to build upon. 


Choose the one product to promote. 


Choose one way to create content for your audience. 


Start with One. And as your business grows, you can then begin to add virtual assistants to your team that can help you expand. For example, if you start building your social media platform on Facebook, you gain an audience there, you start earning money from the one product that you're promoting, and that you've created. You get some money rolling in and you go hire someone to then build your Instagram to then build up your Twitter to then build up your Pinterest. 


If you try to do it all yourself, you will be burnt out, you will get overwhelmed. In a year from now, you will be telling a story about how your first online business failed just like mine did. And so I want you to make sure that you don't repeat my mistakes. I want you to do it the right way, the first time. 



Speaking of mistakes. Another mistake that I made early in my edupreneurial journey was that I gave away too much of my time for free. See, as educators, we're so used to bringing work home, working weekends, working nights, losing precious time with our families, because we're planning lessons and grading papers, rather than spending quality time with them, that we don't think anything of it. We just keep doing and doing and doing because that's what it takes for us to make the greatest impact in the lives of our students. And that's what we're here for. So we're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. But at the end of the month, our paycheck is exactly the same. Well, that approach doesn't work out so well when you're an edupreneur. You have to shift your mindset and realize that your time is valuable, and that you are worthy. You should get paid for the hours that you put into your online business. 


And so as you're putting in work, as you're taking on clients, as you're creating resources, remember, you are valuable, your time is valuable. 


Stop doing everything for free. 


No other profession in the world spends their time for free. Lawyers, doctors, everyone, if I have a lawyer, every single hour that he spends working on my case, he or she's getting paid for those hours, they're billing me for everything that they do. Even in your own school, in your own building when the custodian has to work extra hours, guess what, she's gonna get paid for those extra hours, she's not gonna work for free. And you shouldn't either. 


As an edupreneur, you deserve to get paid what you're worth. So don't be afraid to charge people. Because when you spend all of your time making products that you either give away for free sale for $2 or $3 from your online store, or even bundle up for $20 each, what you discover is that you will get to the end of the month, and your expenses end up being more than what you actually earned. So not only did you not make any money, but you actually lost money. Boo to that. 


We're definitely not starting online businesses so that we can lose money. 


No, ma'am. We're not about that life at all. 


You are valuable. Your time is valuable and you deserve to get paid for the work that you do in your online business. 


Now, let me back up real quick for someone that's going to take what I'm saying to the extreme. Yes, you deserve to get paid. Yes, you need to stop doing everything for free. But I'm not saying that you can never do anything for free. What I'm saying is that when you do free, make sure that you're being strategic about what you're giving away for free. Let me give you an example... I've created for you the Classroom to CEO Cheat Sheet. This provides you with six simple steps to start and grow your online business. So when you go to classroomtoceo.com/start, you not only get instant access to the cheat sheet, but you also get to learn more about my business and the simple Classroom to CEO system that helped me to create three additional income streams in about a month. So while I'm giving you a tool that's gonna help you take the first steps on your edupreneurial journey, I'm also providing another way for you to get to know me, so that we can build a stronger relationship. it's a win win for both of us. See how that works. You win, I win, we both Win, when we have an edupreneur mindset. And so as you think about what you give away for free in your own business, you want to think about why am I giving this away for free? What is my customer gonna get from it? And what am I getting from it? It has to be a win win situation when you do free. Does that make sense?



All right. So today, we have talked about the two edupreneur mindsets that are going to have the greatest impact in you being successful as an edupreneur. 


Remember, you have to consider the power of one, when you're thinking about the task that you're doing for your business. So start with one until you're earning enough money to hire a VA, a virtual assistant to help you grow your business and then do free but only do free when it's a win win situation. 


But here's the deal. You can have the greatest mindset in the world, but mindset is not going to get you anywhere alone. 


To be successful as an edupreneur, you must have the right mindset combined with actually taking action and doing the work.



Since you're here, I know that you're ready to dig in to start your online business the right way, the simple way. And to begin earning money from multiple streams of income. So with that being said, it's my favorite time of the day. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to do the work because it's power hour


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This power hour is all about developing your edupreneur mindset. And while I'm going to go through the steps right now, you can also find them in the show notes at classroomtoceo.com/1.


Now look here, I've coached quite a few edupreneurs or TPT sellers and one thing that most of them have in common is that they find themselves stressed out and overwhelmed because they're trying to do all of the things for their online business on their own. So just like I shared my own story, when I first started this journey, they are making the same mistake. 


And if that's you, then the first step that I want for you to take today is to create a list of all of the tasks that you're doing on a weekly basis for your online biz


And so if you're writing a blog post every week, you would include that on your list. Then if you're taking that, turning it into 20 pins, 5 Facebook posts, 5 Instagram posts, plus the few tweets, then you're going to list all of those things on your list. Anything that you're doing, checking email every day, whatever it is, you're going to create a list of all of those business tasks. 


Then step two, you are going to take that list, and you're going to divide it into three categories, using the power of one mindset. And so your three categories, you want to think about, okay, is this a task that I can eventually pay a virtual assistant to do? So I can either pay them to do it now or in the future, that's going to be your first category. The second category are tasks that you can simply hold off on doing for now and come back to later. Since it's not something that's urgent you don't have to worry about trying to do it yourself or paying someone else to do it at this time. And then the final category are tasks that have to get done and you feel like you have to do them yourself


Now for the rest of the week, I want you to focus only on completing those tasks that aren't on your must do list. If they're not on that must do list, then you're not going to do them this week. And here's what's going to happen, you're going to discover that you're less stressed, because now you have more time to focus on the things that matter the most in your biz. 



For those of you that are like, “Okay, that's good for them, but I haven't even started my business yet so this doesn't apply to me at all.” What I want you to do is go to classroomtoceo.com/Start and download your free copy of the Classroom to CEO Cheat Sheet. That's going to give you six simple steps that you can use to start and grow your online business the right way. And so if you don't have your business yet, grab your cheat sheet, its absolutely free and is going to empower you to start an online business that allows you to create multiple streams of income as an edupreneur.


And with that being said, I want to thank you so much for listening and remember, you are only one additional income stream away from moving from the Classroom to CEO.


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