EPISODE 10 | Edupreneurs are #BetterTogether


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Is it just me? Or are you too having a hard time getting stuff done this week, having a hard time staying focused because you're spending so much time reflecting on your own life reflecting on your personal experiences as they relate to everything that's going on in the world right now? Maybe it's just me. I don't know. But I'm struggling. I'm so emotional this week. And it seems like it's just so much going on. That I've had to take a lot of time to just reflect and really try to figure out what it is that I want to take away from this experience. How can I apply everything that's going on to my own personal life? And one of the main questions that I've been really wrestling with and asking myself is, How am I going to be a better person? How am I going to be more inclusive and you know, really practice what I preach. 


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And so today, I'm going to be sharing with you all some of the revelations that I've come to and also how I'm going to be applying the same principles in my business. So with that being said, I am so glad that you're here. So let's do this.


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I’m Erica Terry, a former high school teacher turned CEO, and I help educators just like you to build an online business, where you're using your unique gifts, and the amazing skillset that you developed in the classroom to empower teachers all over the world. Each week, I'll be providing you with simple, actionable steps that equip you to create multiple streams of income as an edupreneur. So if you're an ambitious educator that's ready to grow online business and create a life that you love, then you're definitely in the right place. So turn up the volume. And let's get started. This is the Classroom to CEO Podcast.


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Hey there, it's me Erica, and I just want to thank you first of all for listening to the Classroom to CEO Podcast. So I appreciate you being here with me today. Now, if you're part of the Classroom to CEO Crew, then you already got an email from me where I kind of shared what the main lesson is that I've learned in these past couples of weeks, I have really taken to Instagram and really try to use that platform to share the message that Black Lives Matter, to share it in a way that I empower other educators to be able to share that message as well. So I tried to create images that people could share. 


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You know, I'm putting a daily posts on there, like, I'm not gonna let this go away. And what I've discovered is that there are so many people out there supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. I mean, when you look at the protests that are going on why it's not just black people. When you look around you see everyone all races, all ethnicities coming together, banding together, to say that Black Lives Matter and it's not just the US, it's people all around the world, participating in this movement and really coming together to say that everyone should be treated equal. 


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And so I personally have been taking a lot of time to just reflect on how I want the world to change, how I want the world to be a better place for my daughter. And for boys and girls that look just like her. I want them to grow up and not have to have the same fears live through the same experiences that me, my husband, my mom, my dad, my uncle, not all of us have had to experience and I'm so glad like it makes my heart so glad to see everyone coming together to make this change. 


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And so the biggest lesson that I have walked away within this past week is truly that we are better together if you're part of the Classroom to CEO Crew then you received an email this week where I address this principle and share with you all, How I personally, I'm trying to create opportunities to really exhibit better together not just in my personal life, but in my business as well. 


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I truly want Classroom to CEO to be a platform where everyone is empowered, where we are truly working together in order to build each other up to encourage each other to empower each other. And so I am committed to continue to provide opportunities for us to collaborate with one another and from now on you are going to hear me talk all the time about the fact that we are better together, we grow together, we empower more people together like we make a bigger impact when we work together. 


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And so, that's what today's episode is all about, how we are better together and I want to share with you all one of the ways that me personally even before all of this started, I was already engaging in this activity. This episode today was actually recorded weeks ago before any of the George Fluid protests, death, murder, any of those things happen. 


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This episode was already recorded. But it was just this week that it really made me realize that we are truly better together in business and in life. And if you listen to episode 8, I talked about how important it is for us as edupreneurs to surround ourselves with people that can help us grow people that can lift us up when we needed to be lifted up, people that can look at a situation and give us a different perspective because they're grinding. And they're, you know, working hard to make their beyond the classroom vision a reality. And so when they look at your business and when you talk to them about your struggles, they can truly give you some advice, give you some pointers, give you some tips to help you out surrounding yourself with people that when you set a go, they hold you accountable to that go. If you say you're going to send out a newsletter every week, they're looking for that newsletter and calling you out on it if you don't do it. 


Erica Terry  7:44  

To me, that's one of the ways that you demonstrate that you're better together. I don't want people around me that are just Yes, and then everything I do they say oh, that's good. You did great. No, I want people around me that are honest, that will give me the good and the bad that keep it real with me at all times. That's what being better together means. So today I am going to be bringing on the show to people that are those people in my life. They are my accountability group. They are my partners, they keep it real with me. We meet on a regular basis, we set goals together and they hold me accountable, you will not see Classroom to CEO you wouldn't be listening to this podcast right now if it wasn't for these two very important people in my life. 


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And so I want to bring on to you today, Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore who is the founder of Moore Creative Learning. She's a coach, speaker, and educational thought leader and she is one of my accountability partners and also with me, today is the second accountability partner. We are a group of three trio. And so the third person in our trio is Amy Chambers, who is the CEO and Founder of Lighten Up Teaching. It's a business based on helping educators and parents bring mindfulness and social-emotional techniques to students. So as you can imagine, she is the calm to our group. She really keeps us balanced. Both of them are just a pleasure, a joy. 


Erica Terry  9:33  

I love them to death and I am excited to bring them on the show. And just share with you how we are better together how we hold each other accountable. And just know that this was recorded weeks ago this was recorded prior to George Floyd being murdered prior to the Black Lives Matter movement being brought to the forefront so we don't get into those issues. It is truly a conversation about how to be better together in business. Hope you enjoy it. 


Erica Terry  10:07  

So one of the ways I've been able to push past my fear of failure is by having fellow edupreneurs that hold me accountable. Well, they are here in the house today, I am so excited because I'm sure they're going to be sharing all of their knowledge, encouraging you the way that they encouraged me. And so without further ado, let me introduce Amy and Michele, welcome.


Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  10:34  



Erica Terry  10:38  

Yes, so I want to open up by just asking you both to kind of introduce yourself and tell us who you are. Tell us about yourself.


Amy Chambers  10:48  

Alright, my name is Amy Chambers and I am in my 19th year of teaching. I started out as an art teacher and I've been in a special ed world for the last 16 years. And I am in the process of transitioning back into art, which I'm really excited about. And I also have a business called Lighten Up Teaching, which focuses on bringing mindfulness into classrooms. So, really excited to be here.


Erica Terry  11:16  

We are excited to have you.


Erica Terry  11:20  



Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  11:21  

Yeah, I'm Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore and I help teachers sort of create a better day for themselves and for their students. So, this idea of having those days when your kids are really engaged and you know, everyone seems to be participating in the discussion and they're all excited about what you're doing. But I bet this is my 20th year in education. Half of those half of those years have been spent teaching with kids in really sixth grade through 12th grade. But I've been an instructional coach. For the other half of those years really working alongside teachers having the opportunity to do some co-teaching and really just working on designing lessons. So that's kind of what I do.


Erica Terry  12:15  

Thank you for being here. And it is so crazy because we always talk like business. So I didn't realize that my 17 years of education is like baby of the group. Yes, I didn't realize you are been here for a long time. and congratulations on making that transition back to the art. I'm so excited for you. And so, for those of you that don't know, we are met in a mastermind group. So we were in this very large group, and I can't remember who put out a question. But somehow we discovered that we were all educators and so we formed like our mini accountability group. Because we all sort of are experiencing the same things as edupreneurs. 


Erica Terry  13:06  

And so it was important for us to have just like-minded individuals because a lot of times what an edupreneur faces like for us is different in the education world. And so we broke off, we're still a part of that mastermind group but on top of that we meet every month, so that we can kind of just see where each other helps, set goals and things of that nature. 


Erica Terry  13:34  

And so that's what we're here to share with you all today, to kind of talk about our experience as a small accountability group. And so I'm going to throw this out there. I know for me having both of you has helped me so much along my journey. And so I want to start off by just kind of talking about like a struggle that you faced as an edupreneur. And how were you able to overcome that with the help of our group?


Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  14:05  

I think, for me, one of the things that you all helped me with is, in terms of deadlines and getting things done, I think having someone who is holding me accountable besides myself, kind of helps me to get things done. I know that it's not that you are all demanding in any way shape or form. But it's more the fact that I voiced to you that I said to you, okay, I'm going to do this. So that when we come back in a month, you're going to ask me, "Hey, did you get that done." and that really helps me to kind of set my goals for every month and then just knowing that there's someone else that I'm reporting to kind of helps me to kind of keep me on track and makes me, I'm very goal centric anyway, but just that extra little, you know, just knowing I'm coming back and talking to you guys about it again, really makes a difference.


Erica Terry  14:58  

And I would agree how heartedly I know for me, I am a like, I have this big vision for the year. But coming and being a part of this group has just Michele you're a wizard at helping me set a date you make me put a date on every goal that I have. And I mean, you're like, Okay, I'm going to check on you in two weeks, or when we come back in a month, I'm going to ask you about it. 


Erica Terry  15:23  

And so that just helps me to keep focus on setting those small goals that I can actually attain within the next month. And then knowing that I have to come back and report it that makes me more accountable. Like if I'm two weeks in and I haven't done anything, I'm like, Okay, I got two weeks ago, and they're gonna ask me, where am I? So I would agree that has helped me a lot as well.


Erica Terry  15:49  

How about you, Amy? 


Amy Chambers  15:50  

I was gonna say the exact same thing about accountability. You know, our job involves so many deadlines and timelines that sometimes when I'm working on my own things, I don't hold those deadlines as important because I'm kind of overwhelmed. So you guys really helped me prioritize working on my business too. And I think just having people that are also in the education field, I think just the type of input that you too can give coming from the same world. And also being teachers is really valuable for me to let me know, oh, this is something that would fly with teachers, and then just watching what you guys are doing and know and we started, kind of at the same place. 


Amy Chambers  16:38  

So when I see you guys doing things that pushes me to make sure that I'm not getting left behind, which is really valuable for me.


Erica Terry  16:49  

That is valuable for me too. I would agree. And I mean, for those of you that are listening, like we're talking about both big goals and small goals, and just a couple of examples that I can think of off the top of my head. I know in the very beginning one of our initial goals was just to begin, communicating more with our audience. And so I think it was you and me that started sending out like the week weekly newsletters. Michelle, you started going live more so it's those small things that we do like every week that you know, having each other just holds us more accountable with that.


Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  17:29  

And also the like encouragement factor. I think that I feel encouraged by both of you by the things that you're doing, but also like you'll say, hey, great job, but sometimes it's nice to have someone sort of notice what you've done and it might seem like a small thing for someone who sees it on the other side, but for someone who's behind the scenes, you know, they know you know what the work you did to put that to put something together.


Erica Terry  17:52  

Right and then even just having the opportunity like when we go for Facebook live like to get over those nerves. I remember being able to like practice inside of our Facebook group first and getting kind of some feedback, just to help me get over those nerves. And so you all are on this.


Erica Terry  18:16  



Erica Terry  18:17  

Υou're gonna give me the good and you're gonna also say, hey, Erica, you could have you know, did this part better? Things of that nature. So yes, yes, yeah. 


Amy Chambers  18:26  

Yeah, it also is really useful to me that just like when I'm talking about something that's really hard about school or teaching, I know that you guys know what I'm saying. I don't feel like I have to justify and explain it or, you know, it's, I just really appreciate being in the like, community where I know you guys know what I'm talking about when we start talking about an IEP meeting or, you know. 


Erica Terry  18:51  

Right, or having to pack up everything and start teaching at home tomorrow.


Amy Chambers  18:57  

Yeah, that whole, that whole thing that we've just started doing


Erica Terry  19:01  

Yes, but are they good? So yes, it is good to have people that understand. And so it's those small things. But it's also those big lofty goals that you have. I know, for me, even just starting this podcast, it was something that I had on my vision board at the beginning of the year in January. And so being able to be held accountable, even when, you know, I didn't get it off and launched when I thought I would, but I still have that goal. I still have people that were looking for it. So it was two weeks later than I initially thought, but had I not had you on it would have probably been two months later or three months later. 


Erica Terry  19:46  

And so I know that just this podcast alone is one example of a big go that I had that I was able to accomplish with your support. But what about you, oh, any products offers, anything that's your currently working on that we can start to look out for and how has this group helped you get there?


Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  20:05  

So for instance, so one thing I do when I work with teachers is, the idea is that we're creating a better day, right? So like, when those days when your kids come in, they can't wait to be there. But it's about not just creating one day, it's about creating a string of days. So, one of the things that I offer is kind of like that first step, where you really look at how I design a unit that really encompasses the ideas of relationships of real-world opportunities, and really focuses on thinking skills, so critical and the creative thinking skills. So that's a course that I offer called real connections. And it's just like that first step where you coming up with that new light bulb idea that's going to marry all three of these things together the relationships, the real-world opportunity in the creative and critical thinking. 


Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  21:05  

And I always get on my little soapbox, because I feel like we are creating the next generation of students who have to really do well in this sort of global connected community, but they also need to be able to sort of work together. And so when we design units, when we design pathways, we really focus in, on you know, those things that are going to make them well, amazing citizens, but also, more importantly, they're going to be engaged every day in your classroom. And so step one of that is the course real connections. And so I'm really excited about it. I think that this group has really just helped me to kind of get a feel for how to shape it and how it would kind of best reverse received by, like fellow teachers, really giving me some feedback on the course itself, which I think has been helpful and sort of shaping it and making it kind of exciting. I'm so excited to work with people with that.


Erica Terry  22:07  

And I am so excited for you. And I definitely agree that having this group and because we're all educators like we look at it with our teacher’s eyes, you know, and when you're working with people that are in education, they just don't, they aren't able to give you that same valuable feedback. Because it's definitely like, I have to have been a teacher to understand when you say, like creating better days or making real connections, because I've been in the classroom because I'm in education. I'm like, Okay, I understand exactly what she's talking about like every day isn't a good day. So how can I make these real connections, like keep my students engaged, and so I'm excited and cannot wait to see the finished result. How about you, Amy?


Amy Chambers  22:56  

Well, I have an introductory course called Mindfulness and The Making that I've run a few times, and ever since we've started this process of teaching from home, you guys have helped me kind of come up with a way to have that open to parents and teachers or teachers that are also parents and how we can reach our kids and set up our days whether we're at school or doing homework or distance learning, and really keeping mindfulness and social-emotional learning, kind of at the forefront of everything that we're doing. So you guys have really been helpful in helping me stick to timelines and just do what I want to do. Like I have lots of ideas and you guys helped me funnel those down and put them on a timeline and implement them. So really excited to get that course going again.


Erica Terry  23:50  

Yes, you are so right, mindfulness, especially in these crazy times. I feel like it's always been important, but even more so now, the world is changing quicker than we could have ever imagined. And so your program is going to be much needed. It's like what we need right now. Education.


Amy Chambers  24:14  

Yeah, what we need everywhere. But yes, for sure in education.


Erica Terry  24:20  

For sure. Everywhere. You are absolutely right about that. And so, I mean, I really want to thank you all for joining us today. I hope that all of our listeners can see the value of just finding and surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs that will help you to stay focused. For me, Michele is my person that she's gonna make me put a date on it. And then Amy is like our resource queen. You can just, if I say, hey, I'm thinking about doing this like she will send me directly to a resource that will help me get it done and how you are able Amy to just remember what's out there. I have no idea. But I thank you because you have saved me just even time that I would have spent researching topics myself. And you just give them to me. So thank you for that.


Amy Chambers  25:22  

You're welcome. I think they don't call it a resource teacher for nothing. I feel like I've taken that job title very seriously for the last few years. Because it's much easier for me to connect teachers with a resource that will help them than for me to be there with them all the time. And that just kind of spills over into everything I do, I think,


Erica Terry  25:41  

Oh, yes. I've never even made that connection. But that's exactly you've definitely for me. I know and I believe Michelle would agree that you are the resource queen. Yes. 


Erica Terry  25:57  

All right, and so for those people that are interested in learning more about real connections and mindfulness in the making where can they find you? 


Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  26:07  

Um, well my website is michele (with one l so m i c h e l e) micheleschmidtmoore.com. And then on all the social media, it's at @mschmidtmoore


Amy Chambers  26:23  

And you can find me at Lighten Up Teaching so my logos a little light bulb so lightenupteaching.com you can sign up for my newsletter there and that's where you'll find me on Instagram and Facebook as well.


Erica Terry  26:40  

And I am going to be adore to include all of these links in the show notes so they will be there for you and definitely Amy we will be looking out for that newsletter. We will be holding you accountable and making sure that you keep getting it out there. And for those of you that follow Michele, look out for her Facebook Lives because we are holding her accountable to showing up, and she provides great tips via Facebook Live, and she provides great tips in that newsletter so you don't want to miss them. 


Erica Terry  27:13  

Thank you, ladies, for joining me today. I appreciate it and I will see you all in a couple of weeks in our next meetup. 


Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  27:23  



Amy Chambers  27:24  

We'll see you then. 


Erica Terry  27:26  

All right. Oh, wow. I hope that you all got some golden nuggets out of my interview with Amy and Michele. I hope that it helps you to realize the value of having an accountability group having those people in your life that you can talk business with and that truly help you to reach your business goals. And so with that being said, Don't think that just because I had guests on today, that means that you don't have work to do you always have work to do. So we are about to get into Power Hour.


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Erica Terry  28:10  

It's Power Hour, these simple actionable steps empower you to create an online business that includes multiple streams of income in just one hour a day. Are you waiting to move from the Classroom to CEO? Of course, you are. So let's do this.


Erica Terry  28:32  

Alright, so today's Power Hour, as always, the steps are going to be laid out in the show notes, which you can find at www.classroomtoceo.com/10. And it's going to be very simple, not a lot of steps today. But I want you to go out and find you an accountability partner or two, find two edupreneurs that you know who are rocking it, but that don't have the same exact skillset that you have. 


Erica Terry  29:12  

So if you're a very linear thinker, like I am a very, you know, jumping in, get your hands dirty, do the work type person, then, you can't have just all of those people around you, you have to have the big dreamers that can, you know, see the whole forest, you have to have those creative people or your data people to, you know, crunch those numbers to make sure that all of the decisions that you're making are making sense. You have to have that motivation person that's gonna motivate you and keep you inspired. That person that's calm and sweet and calms you down when things aren't going right. 


Erica Terry  29:52  

And so you're gonna find an accountability group that you can meet with on a regular basis set goals with and really motivate and encourage each other to meet those goals and I want to hear all about it. So once you get your group together, invite me to a meeting or just send me an email and let me know how it's going. Because I love to engage I love to collaborate with you and so you can always email me, Erica, at classroomtoceo.com if you have any questions or if you just want to know like kind of the format that we use for our monthly meetings or anything like that just hit me up. 


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Erica Terry  30:35  

Alright, so I am so excited that you are here. Once again, I want to thank you for listening to the Classroom to CEO Podcast and as always, please please remember that you are only one additional income stream away from moving from the Classroom to CEO to the next time. Have a great day. Stay safe, stay healthy.


Erica Terry  31:02  

Have a great day.


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