#14: 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Earn Passive Income as an Edupreneur

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Hey there, today we are talking money. So if you're one of those educators that don't really like to talk about money or you're in it because you want to help people and you know, you get uncomfortable about having conversations, where we talk about money, then this may not be the episode for you. Because I'm going to be honest, we're talking money and we're talking how to make money. So if you've been struggling in your business, you've been trying to figure out what you can do to earn more money as an edupreneur then you are in the right place because today I am giving you 5 ways to earn passive income as an edupreneur. Let's do this.

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I'm Erica Terry, a former high school teacher turns CEO, and I help educators just like you to build an online business, where you're using your unique gifts and the amazing skillset that you developed in the classroom to empower teachers all over the world. Each week, I'll be providing you with simple actionable steps that equips you to create multiple streams of income as an edupreneur. So if you're an ambitious educator that's ready to grow an online business and create a life that you love, then you're definitely in the right place. So turn up the volume and let's get started. This is the Classroom to CEO Podcast.



Hey there, welcome to the Classroom and CEO Podcast. This is your host, Erica Terry, and I am so excited that you are here with me today to talk about one of my favorite topics. And that's all Affiliate Marketing. Now before we jump into the details of 5 ways that you can earn Passive Income, using Affiliate Marketing, we are going to address one of the mindset issues. You know, I'm big on making that shift from an educator mindset to an edupreneur mindset. 



And so I have to start this episode off by saying that one of the mindset shifts that you have to make in order to be successful as an edupreneur, is that you have to understand why our goal is always to empower. We create resources that empower other teachers to achieve success. And what that success looks like is different, depending on what grade level what subject, what teacher problem, your resources dress. And so yes, we are empowering. But unlike in the classroom, where we empower our students to achieve success, and we work all of these crazy extra hours without getting any extra pay, you have to change their mindset. 



When it comes to your business when it comes to being an edupreneur. You must be thinking about how you can earn money when you use your time. So your time is valuable, you are worthy, you are worth getting paid. And that's the mindset shift that you need to make for your business. Now, I am not saying that you can never do anything for free. I'm not saying that at all. But what I am saying is that you can't do everything for free. And so in this episode today, we're going to take about 5 different ways that you can earn money as an edupreneur, even if you don't have your own website, even if you haven't created any resources, yet, some of these strategies will work for you. And so if you've been looking for ways to earn more money from your business, then this is definitely an episode that you're gonna want to tune into because I'm giving you 5 ways, and we're gonna start right now. 



So I've been preaching to you that it does not matter if you don't have your own website. It doesn't matter if you haven't created any resources yet, you can still create a new income stream by implementing the Affiliate Marketing Strategies that I teach in the Passive Payday Bootcamp that you can learn more about at www.classroomtoceo.com/bootcamp. Now, when you go there when you enroll, what ends up happening is that because you've completed the Bootcamp, you become eligible for the Classroom to CEO Affiliate Program where you earn a commission for referring other people to take the Bootcamp as well. 



And so, even if you've never created a product, even if you don't have your website, it doesn't matter because you can promote this Bootcamp or any affiliate product that you sign up for through your social media. As long as you disclose that and let people know that you're an affiliate for the program. Then you can share that information on Instagram. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, any social media outlet that you use, and so those are some of the strategies that you will use and learn in the Bootcamp. And that's number 1. 



Simply using social media, you're already on it, why not use it to make money? Why not use your Pinterest account for more than just sharing the resources from your online marketplace store? Why not use your Instagram, use your Facebook to make some extra money because let's be real every time you click on one of those 50 million ads that are in your timeline, they're making money off of you. So be strategic.



I'm not saying every post that you make should be something that could help you make money now, I'm not saying that at all but a couple of times a week, why not include a post about an affiliate product that you can use to earn money from and so those are some of the strategies I teach you exactly what to say and how to say it so that you can convert some of those followers that you have on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, into paying customers. Now, social media is one way to earn money from Affiliate Marketing. But another way is for those of you that do have your own website, once you get your own website, your affiliate income can go to a whole nother level, because not only are you able to embed banners or ads that you can use to earn money from, but if you have a product that you're promoting, if you write blog posts, you can write a post about that product and embed some of those affiliate links in it. 



If you have a resource page, you can use your resource page to promote your affiliate products. And so once you get a website, the sky is the limit because you can incorporate Affiliate Marketing into so many different areas of your website. So the second way is to embed affiliate marketing into your own website. Now speaking of that resource page on your website, that is a great tool that you can use to promote those courses and products that you're using in your business. If there's something that you use every single day, like Canva, or Kajabi, or Teachable, Tailwind, all of those programs have Affiliate Programs that you can sign up for. So as you're telling other people about how using Kajabi saved your life. It saved you so much time after moving from WordPress over to Kajabi sign up for the affiliate program, referred them to use it and sign up with your affiliate link so that you can start earning that monthly commission that I talked about in the last episode. And so we're going to get into this more in our power hour segment today about how to do this. But definitely promoting those courses and products that you already use is a great way to incorporate and earn passive income as an edupreneur. 



Alright, so going into the fourth way, we have what us educators love, and that's book studies. We do them all the time. It seems like every single year your principal is giving you a new book. As we talk about how to grow professionally. We're always buying new books and talking about them with our teachers friends, so why not sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate? Yes, they have an Affiliate Program. And then start a book study, get some of your closest teacher friends to join a book club with you and have them buy the book using your affiliate link. It's already something you guys are knowing you're already getting these books so that you can grow professionally. Make it formal, make it into a small group, start a Facebook group, talk about the book, have them buy it using your affiliate link, and boom, you've earned some extra money just by incorporating affiliate marketing into the things that you're already doing. And so once again, it does not require a website. This one doesn't require anything except for you to sign up for the affiliate program through Amazon. And from there, you start a book club, you start a small group with your friends. You guys read the book together, discuss it like you always do in the meantime, earn some extra money. 



Alright, so this last strategy, strategy number 5 is for you teachers sellers, you have been struggling to earn a decent amount of money from our favorite online marketplaces, right? So you've been spending all of this time creating resources and you're still making coffee money, you're making that two to $3 a day. And you know that your resources are worth way more than that. You know that you're worth way more than that. You're ready to transition from that coffee money to the comma money, where you're making over $1,000 a month, and trust me, I get it. I understand what it feels like to be trying to do all of these different things and you get to the end of the month in the money is just not there. Because I went through that myself. And one of the biggest shifts that I made is using Affiliate Marketing and every product that I create. 



So even if you go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store right now, Classroom to CEO by Erica Terry, what you will find that the majority of items that are there, they're free, absolutely free. And the reason why I give them away for free is because I know I'm gonna make the money on the backend through Affiliate Marketing. And so I have used an Affiliate Marketing System that I've embedded into my digital resources. And that allows me to earn money from every single product that I make, including those resources that I give away for free. And I teach this exact strategy as a bonus to the Passive Pay Day Bootcamp. And so if you haven't already done so from the last episode, your Power Hour Action was for you to sign up for the Bootcamp. If you're not using or utilizing Affiliate Marketing right now in your business to earn extra money, you want to learn how to do it, then you definitely want to go to www.classroomtoceo.com/bootcamp and sign up for our next 5 Day Live Session. Because by the end of that week, you will be earning money as an affiliate. So that was last week's Power Hour. Now it's time to get into this week's steps. So let's do it.

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Its Power Hour. These simple, actionable steps empower you to create an online business that includes multiple streams of income and just one hour a day. Are you waiting to move from the Classroom to CEO? Of course, you are. So let's do this.



So this week's Power Hour will be described in the Show Notes which you can get at www.classroomtoceo.com/14 for Episode 14th Power Hour. Alright, so today's Power Hour is two-fold. First and foremost, I want you to go through all 5 ways that I share with you today to earn passive income as an edupreneur. So first of all, we talked about using your social media posts as one way to earn passive income. Then secondly, from there, we talked about if you have a website, then you can use affiliate marketing on your website and that's multiple ways. You can do ads, banners, you can have a resource page, write blog posts. You can use affiliate marketing in a bunch of different ways if you have your own website. 



For those of you that do have your own website, or even if you don't, it doesn't matter why number 3 is for those of you that are already edupreneurs I want you to do an inventory of all of the products, all of the programs that you're using in your business on a regular basis. So do you have a WordPress website? Do you use Tailwind? Canva, any of those programs Kajabi, Teachable, take an inventory of everything that you're using, and for those programs that you really, really love. You're going to want to sign up for their affiliate program because the majority of them have it and then start promoting it to your other teacher friends that also are in business. So your edupreneur friends, you want to start sharing how these products have helped you. If you've taken a course that has helped you, if you're enrolled in the bootcamp, these are all opportunities for you to do affiliate marketing, to grow your income without having to spend a bunch of time creating your own resources, because you're promoting other people's products. And so that's number 3. And that's the second part. 



For those of you that are experienced, I really want you to focus on step three. Now, the other two are the book study. Anybody can do that. Even if you haven't started your business yet. But you're listening to this episode because you're trying to figure out where to start. This is a great place to start that doesn't require you to do anything out of the normal. You have been involved in book studies, you've been reading books so that you can grow professionally. Every year since you started teaching, so now you're going to take it to another level, you're going to leave the book study, you're going to choose the book, and you're going to share it out using your affiliate link. letting people know that of course, you're gonna get a commission by referring them to buy the book using your affiliate link, right? And so you're going to do that you're going to start and run that book club, and use your Amazon affiliate link in order to do that.



 And then last, but not least, if you're already selling online resources, then you're going to use affiliate marketing to make money from those digital products, even if you're giving them away for free. You can use affiliate marketing in order to earn money. So those are the 5 ways you are going to choose one. You know if you've listened to me at all, I believe In the power of one, do not go out there later on once a day and try to figure out how you can do all five of these things right now, no. You are going to start with one. And if you're an experienced edupreneur, then do an inventory start with the number 3, pick one or two of the products that you're currently using that you love. And start with that, start promoting your favorite product that you use. So the power of one guys, you start with one. Once you get that one rocking and rolling, you got that system in place, then you add one another strategy. 



So 5 ways to earn passive income. I know you're going to rock it, I can't wait to see and hear the testimonials of how you have started getting more income coming into your business using Affiliate Marketing. And so if these strategies have been working for you or you love this podcast, I would love to hear about it. So go to Apple, Spotify or whichever platform you're listening from right now and leave a review. I would love to get feedback. I want to make sure that I am providing information that you find useful and that's helping you to grow as an edupreneur that's helping you to build a business that allows you to create a legacy and live the life that you love. As always, thank you for listening and remember, you are only one income stream away from moving from the Classroom to CEO. I'll see you next time.

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Are you a teacher seller that's feeling stressed out overwhelmed and super busy, because you've been pouring in all this time creating resources that you're adding to your store, and you're still not earning $100 a month. How to add affiliate marketing as a new income stream into your business. I want to personally invite you to join me for the 5 Day Passive Payday for Edupreneurs Bootcamp, where I equip you with Affiliate Marketing Strategies that guarantee that you will earn additional income as an affiliate in one week. All you have to do is go to www.classroomtoceo.com/bootcamp to enroll today.



I can't wait to get started. See you there.