#17: 5 Steps to Add Coaching to Your Online Teacher Business

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OMG, I am so excited Edupreneur Week Virtual Summit will be here before you know it. August 30 is right around the corner. And in that summit, I am bringing to you 20 of the Top edupreneurs. And they're going to be sharing with you how they are creating multiple streams of income in their own online businesses. And so for the next few weeks, we're going to be diving deep in how to add income streams that allow you to earn more money as an edupreneur. So if you're ready to learn the 5 simple steps that you can take to add coaching to your edubrand, then tune in because that's what we're talking about today. Are you ready? Let's do it.

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I'm Erica Terry a former high school teacher turns CEO and I help educators just like you to build an online business, where you're using your unique gifts and the amazing skills that you developed in the classroom to empower teachers all over the world. Each week I'll be providing you with simple, actionable steps that equip you to create multiple streams of income as an edupreneur. So if you're an ambitious educator that's ready to grow an online business and create a life that you love, and you're definitely in the right place. So turn up the volume and let's get started. This is the Classroom to CEO Podcast.



Hey, there guys, it's your host Erica Terry welcome back to another episode of the Classroom to CEO Podcast where we are talking about income streams that you can create as an educator. If you've been thinking about what you can do to create a legacy and to give your family the life of freedom that they deserve, that you deserve, then you're definitely going to want to tune in as well as join us for Edupreneur Week, because we are not just talking about what the income streams are that you can create when we're going to share with you exactly how to create them. And today, we're talking about one of my favorite income streams Coaching. My gosh, I absolutely love coaching, educators that are just starting their online business. They're trying to figure out this whole edupreneur thing. They know that they want to do more than just simply create digital resources. And so I work with them to actually create an edubrand that allows them to have at least three streams of income. 



It's my favorite thing to do and it's actually not hard to set up a coaching program. This is one of the most simple income streams to set up and today I'm going to give you the exact 5 steps that you need in order to be able to create a coaching program for your edubrand. But before we get there, I want to thank everyone that has listened and supported the Classroom to CEO Podcast. Thank you to all of my listeners that have taken the time to leave a rating and to leave a review know that I truly appreciate you. I appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback. And if you haven't had a chance to do it yet, then I would love to hear what you think about the show. The Vangie Eight said she cares about her audience, "You can tell that Erica is here to give the best advice and strategies possible. She's intelligent and heartfelt. A must-listen for educators building their brand online. It feels like she's talking right to you on this podcast. I love it". And Vangie Eight, I love you. Thank you so much for being a listener, I appreciate you. And for those of you that have not had the chance to leave a review, please do so on whichever platform you're listening from right now Apple, Spotify, Google, wherever you are, please leave a review and let me know. Give me feedback. Let me know what you think so that I can make sure that I'm giving you what you need in order to achieve success as an edupreneur. 



And so with that being said, let's dive into how to create a coaching program for your edubrand. I said it at the beginning of the episode, but I want to make sure I say it for those of you in the back that may not have heard me the first time. Coaching is a simple income stream that you can create an add to your edubrand. It does not take a lot of work. And when you set it up with the 5 steps, set it up the way that I'm going to share with you today, you will make a huge impact in the lives of those educators that your brand is focused on helping. Speaking of helping educators, let's go right into step 1 of the 5 steps that you need to take in order to add coaching to your edubrand. So step 1 is to identify a specific teacher problem that your coaching program will focus on. For me, obviously, I work with edupreneurs. So I like to call it edupreneur problems, right. And one of those problems is that a lot of edupreneurs think that creating lesson plans, creating digital resources, and selling them from an online marketplace, is the only way that you can make money online as a teacher. And that's just simply not true. And so they approach their business with the mindset that they have to create hundreds of resources, continue to add resources to their store every week. And for some reason, it's this idea that when you get to the lucky number 100, all of that setting, you're gonna be earning money from your edubrand. 



And what a lot of edupreneurs find out and discover is that that's just not true. They spend an entire year, the first year of their business. Creating resources that only allow them to earn coffee money. And if you've listened to some of the previous episodes, you know that coffee money is when you're earning a few dollars a day, just enough for you to run at Dunkin' Donuts and get that cup of coffee every day. On the other hand, you can be earning comma money, and comma money is where you're depositing over $1,000 a month in your bank account. And so my coaching program deals specifically with that problem. I work specifically with those struggling edupreneurs to create a profit plan that allows them to create at least three additional streams of income. As you can see, I identified a problem which is step 1, and then I use that problem to design a coaching program that helps edupreneurs to be able to overcome those struggles, which takes us to step 2. 



For you and your edubrand, you're going to identify a teacher problem that teachers are struggling with step 1. And then from there, you're going to design a coaching program. And it can be like a 4-week program, a 6-week program, I wouldn't recommend stretching it out any longer than that, but you're going to design a program that helps teachers to specifically overcome that problem that they're struggling with. Once you have that teacher problem identified and you've designed your coaching program, then it's time to create a place where your future clients can go to sign up for their coaching program. to schedule an appointment as well as to collect the money that they will be paying you to coach them. 



And so I use Acuity Scheduling for my coaching program, but there are many different programs out there. Now what I love about acuity is that I'm able to set up the program, describe it, it has the buttons, so someone can land on my website, say "Yes, Erica wants you to coach me", they can go there and immediately schedule their appointment. Acuity takes care of the payments, they are linked to my Google Calendar, so they take care of scheduling the appointment, and of course, they take care of collecting the money. And from there once all of that is done, they send out the reminders, they send out the zone links, everything is automated. So literally all I have to do is show up. Now I will be sure to link Acuity to the show notes because you can give it a try for free. But like I said, there are many different scheduling platforms out there. So if you don't really feel that one then definitely find one that works for your brand. 



But as we always talk about you want to automate your systems you don't want to be doing this stuff manually guys. So make sure you find a scheduling platform that automates all of the processes for you so that you're not manually taking the time to send out follow up emails, reminders, zoom links, all of that stuff. So find an automated system, which is step 3. Alright, so now that we have identified our teacher problem, we have designed a coaching program we've signed up and scheduled everything into Acuity or another automated scheduling software system then the next step, step 4 is to start setting up discovery calls. Now, discovery calls are short calls, they typically last 30 minutes or less. And it's an opportunity for you to meet with a teacher talk about their struggles and get to know them. Let them know how you can help them and then give them the option to continue working with you. 



And so once you've got the first three steps set up, you want to start having discovery calls. So you can find those perfect teachers that totally aligned with your brand with your style, and you know that your coaching program can help them and then once you get them on that discovery call, you're gonna want to share with them how you can help them, share with them the details of your coaching program. And then last but not least step 5, you want to sign them up? Get them to say yes and sign up for your coaching program. It is that simple guys, like 5 simple steps to start into add coaching as an income stream for your edubrand. So now that I have equipped you with the steps, it is time for you to take action and what those specific action steps are. You're about to find out because it is Power Hour.

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It's Power Hour, these simple actionable steps empower you to create an online business that includes multiple streams of income in just one hour a day. Are you ready to move from the Classroom to CEO? Of course, you are. So let's do this.



Hey there, it is time to take action and actually add coaching as a new income stream for your online business. And so what you're going to do today will all be outlined in the show notes which you can find at www.classroomtoceo.com/17. Because this is Episode 17. So today's Power Hour you are going to be creating a coaching program for your edubrand. Hopefully, you've already done the work from step 1, which was to identify a specific teacher problem, because that was our Power Hour from Episode 2, where I talked about how to discover the purpose behind your teacher problems. And so if you don't know how to identify the specific teacher problem that your branch should be focused on solving, then you're definitely going to want to go back and listen to Episode 2, so that you can discover your superpower. So that you can discover your gifts that will allow you to make a huge impact in the lives of educators all over the world. 



Once you've identified your teacher problem, then the next step is for you to design a coaching program that specifically addresses that problem. You want to help a teacher be able to overcome their specific struggles. And the beauty of it is that because you are implementing and creating a one on one coaching program, you can individualize those specific strategies that teacher needs in order to achieve success. So just like we individualize instruction to meet the needs of our students, you are taking that same skill that you use every single day as a teacher, and you're applying it to your coaching program. Once you have your program planned out, then you are going to either use Acuity to set up your program. And so you're gonna describe what the program is, you're going to create the button, set a price, have a place where people can go to learn more about what you're offering, and to actually be able to schedule an appointment with you and get reminders with the all being automated. You not have to take your precious time to do any of the manual work. 



And so once you've set up your Acuity account, then the 4th step is for you to start setting up and scheduling those discovery calls. Discovery calls are so important because everyone that knocks on your door is not going to be an ideal client for you. They're just not gonna buy and you're just gonna fill it like I can't put it into words, but when you experience it, you're going to know. And so when you feel like that, when you feel like that person just isn't the right fit for your coaching program, then you always have to be honest about that. Let me tell you guys, all money is not good money. So don't think that every person that knocks on your door you have to accept them as a client because you don't and you're not gonna want to, for some people, if it's just not the right fit is not the right fit and that is okay. 



But for those people, they are vibing, and as you talk to them, you're getting excited about their vision and about how you can help them achieve success in the classroom, then you're going to want to invite them to join your coaching program. And Step 5 is signing them up, getting them to say "Yes" to working with you, letting them know specifically how you are going to help them to overcome that problem that they've been struggling with. I always get so excited to see the end result and I cannot wait to see the coaching program that you create. So once you get your coaching program, create it, shoot me an email Erica at classroomtoceo.com or if you post on social media to share your coaching program details then tag me on a post. I want to see what you're doing. I want to check you out and I would love to know that as a result of you taking action during today’s Power Hour you were able to create and start a coaching program. I am so excited about your future and I know that in these next few weeks we are going to be talking about how to create multiple streams of income. August 30th through September 3rd is the Edupreneur Week Virtual Summit, where we are teaching you and equipping you to add multiple streams of income to your online education business. And so I know that before 2020 ends, you will have multiple streams of income and you will be on your way to moving from the Classroom to CEO. Until next time, stay safe and have a great day.



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