How to Discover the Purpose Behind Your #Teacherproblems


"Your purpose, your destiny is all about helping other people not have to deal with the same struggles that you experienced as a teacher."

~Erica Terry (16:11)

Here's some highlights from this episode:


Hey there, my educator CEO friends! Today's episode is all about how to take your greatest struggle as an educator, and use it to build your dream online biz. 


I chose one #teacherproblem to focus on. ONE. and if you haven't guessed yet, that was... 


So many of the edupreneurs that I work with in my coaching business started the journey by opening a store on Teachers Pay Teachers and they have this idea that they will take everything that they do in their classroom, turn it into a printable resource and sell it.


Focus on solving a specific problem for teachers. And I promise you, your business will blow up.


You will see that when you create multiple streams of income, you're going to be earning way more money than you are earning by trying to create 100 resources that you put into a store.


You didn't know why you were going through what you had to go through... It's because your purpose lies within solving that problem for other educators. Your purpose, your destiny is all about helping other people not have to deal with the same struggles that you experienced as a teacher.  


Today’s Power Hour is all about discovering the purpose behind your #teacherproblems.


I want to leave you with this. Your #teacherproblems may have caused you a lot of pain. You may have woke up many days wondering why, but it was not all in vain. There's a purpose behind your pain. 


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Here's your Power Hour Assignment:

  1. You are going to think about your own journey as an educator. Think about everything that you've struggled with and write it all down. Just go through your years of education and create a list of bullet points outlining you had to deal with. 
  2. Go through that list and choose one #teacherproblem that you struggled with, but were ultimately able to solve and that's going to be the teacher problem that you focus on. 


Resources I Mentioned in this episode:


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