5 Steps for Edupreneurs to Start a Podcast



"When I first got the idea that I wanted to start a podcast, I let that thought fester in my mind for months without making the move. It was so big in my mind that I let that fear of the unknown stop me from achieving and even trying to reach that goal. And then finally, I took the steps and I realized that it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be."

~Erica Terry

Here's some highlights from this episode:


 But when I made the decision to get started, it just was not that hard. And so I have broken it down into five simple steps that you can take, and we are going to dive into those steps right now. Are you ready? All right, let's do it. So one of the most difficult parts for me was trying to wrap my mind about what I was going to talk about every single week, right? So I got hung up on the fact that I just didn't know like, what am I going to talk about? And so that takes me to the first step for those of you that are struggling with how you're going to create enough content to be consistent and release a new episode every week.

5:40 - Step 1

Choose a problem to focus on... For me, my problem is a edupreneur problem. But I really try to speak to those educators that have started an online business but are struggling to create a consistent income from month to month. And so all of my episodes are around how to build your business, how to grow your audience, how to create products that people find useful, and what they talk about, how to create multiple streams of income, because it's all around helping that struggling edupreneur. 

7:55 - Step 2

9:29 - Step 3


The one lesson, I know I'm only 20 episodes so I feel like I'm still a newbie, but what I can tell you from these first 20 episodes is that you don't want to overthink it. You don't want to try to spend your time scripting out every single word that you're gonna say, because once you start talking, it's just gonna start pouring out of you. Or at least that's my experience and the experience of other podcasters that I know. So don't overthink it. 

12:26 - Step 4

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13:29 - Step 5


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. That's another thing about podcasting. The reason why I told you- don't overthink it, don't sweat it. It's because as you start recording on a consistent basis, as you get into your flow as you get your messaging things are going to change.


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Here's your Edupreneur Success Move for this Week:

Start a podcast by implementing the 5 steps shared in this episode.


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