#4: How to Move Past the Broke Teacher Mindset to Finally Start Your EduBrand


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I get it. Your teaching salaries sucks. And because it sucks, you find yourself saying, I would start an online business, but I can't afford it. You've been letting your I ain't got the money right now mindset get in the way of your dream to create a life you love. That, my friend is what we're going to be discussing for this week's mindset and motivation Monday.


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It's me, Erica, and I am super stoked to be breaking down the Broke Teacher Mindset and the negative impact that can have on the life of an edupreneur in this episode. So let's get right to it. 


You have no idea how many times I've run into an educator that's like, “Girl, how did you start that business? I've always wanted to do that.” Or maybe they're like, “Girl, how you start a podcast. I always wanted to do that. But I just haven't done it yet.” 


When I ask why, 99% of the time the answer is, “I can't afford it.” Or they say, ‘I would do it, but I don't have the money.” 


Well, my friend, if that sounds like you, if you're listening right now, and you know, there's some stuff that you should have started by now, but you've kept putting it off because you don't have the money, then you are suffering from what I like to call the Broke Teacher Mindset. 


And let me tell you how I know because I suffer from it. So now had you asked me last week if I still suffer from the Broke Teacher Mindset, I would have been like, “Nah, girl I got over that years ago.” But today, something happened that made me realize that it is not just you have it or you don't have it, man, y'all, there are levels to this mindset. 


Four actually. There’s two levels that educators experience that block them from pursuing their edupreneurial dreams and that’s what we’re going to focus on in todays episode, but don’t think that you’re off the hook if you’re already an edupreneur because on next weeks Mindset and Motivation Monday, I’m coming right back to talk directly to you. Just because you started your business doesn’t mean that you’re not letting your Broke Teacher Mindset stop you from growing your business, but we’ll get into all of that next Monday.



Today’s episode is for you if you’ve got a million dollar idea that’s stuck in your head, but you haven’t taken one single step to bring it to life. You’ve been making all kinds of excuses but the truth of the matter my friend is that you’re letting your Broke Teacher Mindset hinder you from pursuing the life of your dreams.



Now, the first level of the Broke Teacher Mindset is it's not some personal stuff like one of your girls say, “Hey, girl, I found this cheap flight. Let's head to Miami for the weekend.” And you instantly respond without a thought, “Nah, I ain't got it this month.” Or you're like, “oh, let's go.” So you bust out a credit card to take that trip to Miami. And you know, you really can't afford it. 


So now you've accumulated more debt on top of what you already have. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not judging you at all. Because back in the day, trust me, I made those same poor decisions. But this is the classroom, the CEO podcast and we're here to talk business. So all I'm gonna say to you is this. It's time to level up your game. You ain't got time to be accumulating more debt to go on a trip to Miami. It's time to pay off debt and build a legacy that leads to generational wealth, because I want you to be creating multiple streams of income. I want the online business that you create this year to benefit your grandchildren.


I want you to experience the freedom to pee whenever you want. To be able to stay home with your sick child without having to worry. I want you to absolutely LOVE what you do so much so that when you get ready for bed on Sunday night, you’re excited about the potential that Monday brings with it. I want a new day to mean that it’s a new opportunity to empower others while building an online business that includes multiple streams of income, but if you’re operating with a Broke Teacher Mindset, you’ll never get there.


About that Broke Teacher mindset, let’s dive into the details of level two right now.



Those of you on this level have goals that you want to accomplish in life. You know, you are not meant to be in that classroom. Your summer countdown starts on the first day of school. Okay, I may be taking it a little bit So far with that one. But for real though, you're constantly counting down to the next break. You dream of doing something else. You want to do anything but teach. So you dream of working from home, you dream of having a life where you're creating your own schedule. You think about starting an online business because you know that you will be able to earn extra money. You want to experience that feeling of waking up in the morning, checking your email to find out that you made a sale, you earned some money while you were sleeping. But you keep putting those goals off because you think it's gonna cost so much money to get started and you ain't got it right now. 


Now, if you're listening to this shaking your head like yes, Erica, that's me. I'm counting down the days. I keep saying I'm going to start my own business and I just keep putting it off then Here's what I got to say to you. 


Stop playing with me! If you don't tear down that Broke Teacher Mindset and make a move today, I promised that you're going to hear me knocking at your front door and come over to your house so that I can knock some sense into you. All jokes aside, though, the life you desire, I promise you that it's right there waiting for you. All you have to do is take action, make the first move and everything else will come. 


And here's what else you need to know. Starting an online business is nowhere near as expensive as you're making it out in your mind to be. As a matter of fact, I have created a three step edubrand startup formula that will empower you to start your own online business. Absolutely. Free. I break it down step by step and show you how to create your first product for free and how to sell it for free. 


And so if you've been using that excuse of I ain't got enough money to start a business then toss that right out the way because in the next episode, I'm gonna be giving you all the details of this zero cost startup formula. But if you're like, Come on now, Erica, I can't wait until Thursday like I'm ready to go. I'm ready to do this right now. Then all you have to do is go to www.classroomtoceo.com/start and download my newly revised classroom the CEO Cheat Sheet. There you will find on page three, the zero cost startup formula in cell If you already have your cheat sheet, check your email because I sent out the revised copy before this episode launch. And so you want to get that revised updated Classroom to CEO Cheat Sheet, turn to page three and there you will find out how you can start an online business without investing any money. 


Now let's get back to the Broke Teacher Mindset. I told y'all that is the levels to this thing. So if you didn't see yourself in that first level, because you are all past that personal stuff, and you didn't see yourself in level two because hey, you already started your online business plan. Don't think you're off the hook just yet because we still have two levels to go. 


The next two levels specifically address the way in which the Broke Teacher Mindset can show up in your business and stop you from moving to the next level. Man, it happened to me and it was so subtle that I didn’t even realize what was happening at first. We’ll be getting into that much more in next weeks Mindset and Motivation Mondays so if you’re an edupreneur that’s struggling to earn enough money to reach your personal goals, then make sure that you hit that subscribe button right now so that you don’t miss it.


Now if you’re a teacher that has been putting off starting your business because ‘you ain’t got the money’ or so you say, then get ready to take that first step because you know what time it is… Power Hour!


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In this Power Hour you are going to identify which level of the Broke Teacher Mindset that you're currently operating in and then you're going to implement specific steps to overcome it. Because I definitely don't want you to stay there. I want you to level up your game and create an online business that will allow you to live a life that you love. 


Now while I'm going to give you all of the steps here, you can also find them in the show notes at classroomtoceo.com/4


All right, so my order to conquer your Broke Teacher Mindset, you're going to have to first of all, identify which level you're at. Now, as you were listening to the episode, I'm sure that there was some level that resonated with you and you were like, you know what I do that, whenever you say that, whenever you got to that moment, that's where you are. That's the Broke Teacher Mindset that you're currently operating in. And so what I need you to do right now is just to acknowledge that you're there. 


And once you acknowledge what level you're at, the next step is for you to accept it. You may be reflecting upon your life and start experiencing some feelings of regret, feelings that you should have started your business years ago. feelings that you've spent the last year just creating all these resources, you're not making a lot of money from your online store. And so you're just regretting that you didn't take the steps earlier to begin creating multiple streams of income. I want you to know that it is okay wherever you find yourself at today is alright. It’s exactly where you need to be because guess what? It brought you here. You're in this moment and everything that you have or have not done, Every experience that you've had, it's going to help you grow your business. There's going to be somebody that hears your story, hears how you struggle with certain areas and it's going to help to empower them. 


And once you start empowering people with your story, empowering people with your resources and with your gift, then your business is going to go to the next level. So it is okay. 


Just accept what has happened. And then, once you do, it is time for you to take action, which is what Step three is all about. So if you're finding yourself in level two, then you need to get your hands on that zero cost startup formula, so that you can learn how to start your online business without spending any money. 


Go to classroomtoceo.com/start and download your FREE Cheat Sheet. On p. 3 you’ll find the 3 steps that we’re also going to discuss during this Thursdays Tips & Tools Episode. If you’ve been letting money stand in the way of you creating a life that you absolutely love, I promise you that you don’t want to miss episode 5 because you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to start an online education business for FREE. So hit the subscribe button right now because that’s the only way to guarantee that you don’t miss it.


So no matter which level of the Broke Teacher Mindset you found yourself and today I want you to know that it is okay. You have nothing to be ashamed of. All of us educators and edupreneurs have suffered from the Broke Teacher Mindset at one level or another so you are not alone. 



The important thing is that to acknowledge, accept, and then take action so that you can overcome it and begin to make the shift from a Broke Teacher Mindset to a Rich Teacher Mindset. A Rich Teacher creates multiple streams of income and build a legacy for their family that will last for generations.


I want to thank you so much for listening. And remember you are one additional income stream away from moving from the Classroom to CEO.


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