#6: How to Move Past the Broke Teacher Mindset so that You Get More S*** Done in Less Time


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When it comes to your business, You’ve been working your butt off, but you’re still not getting results. No matter how hard you try, your earnings do not match your efforts and in today’s episode no only are we going to talk about why but I’m going to share a tip that will help you Take Back Your Time so that you have more hours to spend growing your business, which ultimately means adding more zeros to your bank account.


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Hey there and welcome to the Classroom to CEO Podcast. It’s me, Erica. For last week Mindset & Motivation Monday I discussed the Broke Teacher Mindset and broke down the impact that it has on educators who use the excuse of ‘I don’t have enough money’ as the excuse as to why they won’t even start their business. If that’s you, then you’re definitely going to want to listen to Episodes 4 so that you can learn 3 simple steps to conquer the broke teacher mindset & also listen to Episode 5 where I share the exact steps you can take to start your online business absolutely FREE. Yep, that’s right. You can become an edupreneur today without spending one single dime.


Today we’re going to get into the impact that the Broke Teacher Mindset has on edupreneurs because here’s the deal: just because you took the leap and started your own business doesn’t mean that you no longer have a broke teacher mindset. It’s quite possible that you still do because as I told you in Episode 4, it’s levels to this thing and the Broke Teacher Mindset for edupreneurs begins at level 3.



So level three of the Broke Teacher Mindset is where those of you that have pushed past the fear of failure, You’ve pushed past that ain't got enough money to start a business excuse, and you started to walk into your purpose. You started that online business, you started that educational consulting company, you have a store that you're selling resources from, you've created your EduBrand. So first of all, let me stop right here and say Congrats, because that's definitely something to be proud of. I know that, especially when you're still working full time and you're doing this as a side hustle. It's a lot of work. It takes a lot of extra time to get started and you are doing is so hey, kudos to you. Keep rocking it, keep doing your thing. I am so proud of you. 


But... Yeah, I said but... you may still be operating with the Broke Teacher Mindset. 


See I know because when I first started my online business, I was so afraid of losing the few coins that I was earning that I tried at all costs to avoid putting money back into my business. I would spend hours researching a free way to accomplish a specific task rather than spending $10/month to automate it. So if you find yourself acting like I once did and you're hoarding the money that you're earning from your business, you're acting like if you spend that money that you may, it's never going to return back to you. And so you just let it sit in your business bank account, or you spend it on personal stuff, but you don't invest it back into your business at all. You don't use it to streamline your processes. You don't use it to get access to products that will help you save time. And when you hear me or one of your other edupreneur friends talk about how we're using products like Tailwind to schedule our Instagram posts. And it saves so much time every week. You are looking at us crazy, like Nah, I don't need all of that. Like, I'm not about to spend my money on that. And then you get to the end of the month and you hear your CEO friends slang. Yeah, I just brought in like $1,000 this month. You're looking at your statement like it’s only $50 and you can't figure out why? Well, it's because you're still operating with the Broke Teacher Mindset. 


You're hoarding the money that you're earning from your EduBrand and you are not investing it so that you can eventually make more money. When you begin to invest in your business. When you invest in a products that you need to streamline your processes so that you're not wasting time doing manual tasks that take you five hours over the course of the week to do when you could schedule them all in one hour, one day a week and it's done for the rest of the week. Then you have those four additional hours that you were spending doing manual tasks to actually use to create multiple streams of income. So now you just opened up four hours that you can use to take on clients, and start coaching, adding that as a stream of income to your business. 


So because you will not invest in the products that you need to save you time, you're wasting time doing stuff that you could be using to create additional income streams. And that's why level three of the Broke Teacher Mindset is so dangerous because you get stuck in this. I'm earning money when you're just earning coffee money, and you're not realizing that by not taking that little money that you're earning, investing it in products that you need in order to speed up your system, then streamline them so that they're easier and they take less time. That time you're wasting doing all of that stuff manually. Just So that you can feel like you're making some money from your business, you're actually losing a huge opportunity, a huge amount of hours each week that you can be using to create a whole new income stream that will bring you additional revenue. So you could be using that time to create an online course as an income stream. You could be using that time to embed affiliate marketing as an income stream. You could be using that time to do so many other things and bring in money from multiple revenue streams. So if you're sitting right here on level three, because your bro teacher mindset won't let you invest in your business, then I want you to destroy that mindset right now. Look at how you're spending your time every week. Look at the tasks that you're spending hours on one because You're trying to do it manually so that you can save a little money. And what I want you to do is find a product that you can buy that will do that, whatever it is for you. So if you're still manually scheduling social media posts, then find a product that will automate it for you. And once you do, not only is it going to save you time, not only is it going to open up this window of opportunity for you to create multiple streams of income, but it's also going to remove the stress, it's going to decrease the number of items that you have on your to do list. And when you do that, you're going to begin to feel so much better. So have so much more clarity. And I promise you that when you begin to use the time that you're saving to create additional income streams your revenue is going to grow, you're going to see more dollar signs being added to your bank account. 


If you're not sure what products to use, then go ahead and visit the resource page on classroomtoceo.com/resources because there you will find a list of all of the free and paid resources that I use in my business, and you will see exactly how I'm using them. So hopefully that resource page will help you figure out simple ways, cheap products that you can use to grow your business. 



While level three of the Broke Teacher Mindset is all about not allowing yourself to invest in the products that you need to grow your business. The final level of the Broke Teacher Mindset, Level four is typically found in experienced edupreneurs who are starting to create multiple income streams and who aren’t afraid to invest in products, but they simply refuse to invest in the people that they need to help them grow their business. If that’s you, then tune back in for the next episode where I’ll be equipping you with steps that will help you to take your business to the next level.


Now if you’ve been constantly shaking your head up & down because you know in your heart that your business would be much further ahead if you’d break out of your Broke Teacher Mindset and start investing in the products that you need to speed up your processes, then this Power Hour is for you!



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Today’s Power Hour is all about leveling up your game so that you can take your EduBrand to the next level. Now while I'm going to give you all of the steps here, you can also find them in the show notes at classroomtoceo.com/6. In order to conquer level 3 of the Broke Teacher Mindset the first step you must take is to acknowledge that you have a broke teacher mindset and admit that it’s having a negative impact on the growth of your business. 


And once you acknowledge what level you're at, the next step is for you to accept it. You may be reflecting upon your life and start experiencing some feelings of regret, feelings that you should have started your business years ago. feelings that you've spent the last year just creating all these resources, you're not making a lot of money from your online store. And so you're just regretting that you didn't take the steps earlier to begin creating multiple streams of income. I want you to know that it is okay. Wherever you find yourself at today it’s alright. The important thing is that you accept where you are and make the decision right now to change it. 


Here's how you're going to do it:


First of all, you're going to begin by identifying the task that's just eating up all of your time. 

Now for me social media, it was the thorn in my side that just took up so much of my time creating images, writing posts, and then trying to add them to every single social media account. Right now even thinking back to how much time I wasted on social media in my early edupreneur days, it just makes me sick to my stomach. 


Now, while social media may not be your issue, there's definitely something in your business that you're spending a lot of time on. One that could be greatly reduced with the perfect product. And so what you're going to do is automate your business and identify what tasks those are that's just taking up a lot of time. 


Once you complete your audit, the next step is to find a product that can help you streamline it so that you can use those additional hours to begin creating multiple streams of income. 


When I think back to me spending probably five hours or more every week on social media tasks. When I began to automate all of that and reduced my time down to one to two hours a week that saved me so much time that I was being able to use to create products, create resources, to write emails and respond and truly build relationships with the people that I was empowering through my business. And so that's what you want to do. 


You want to reduce the time that you're spending on creating social media posts or doing other manual tasks that you can get automated. And then with the extra time that you have, you're not gonna binge on Netflix, you're not going to find something else to do outside of your business, you're going to still invest that same amount of time in your business. But now you're going to shift your focus to actually doing things that bring value to your customers. So building relationships with them or creating products and creating multiple streams of income that you will be able to earn money from.


Now if you are wondering what products you can possibly use to speed up these processes, then I invite you to go visit my favorite tools page, where I share with you the top 10 tools that I'm currently using in my business that's helping me to be able to automate processes and to grow my business. 


So you can get those top 10 tools by going to wwww.classroomtoceo.com/tools. And I'll also be sure to include that link in the show notes so that you can get it directly from there as well. And so you will be able to see what tools I'm using in order to automate my processes and get more done in a faster way so that I can spend the majority of my time those tasks that are truly empowering my listeners just like you. So now that you're going to find some products to automate your processes, this is going to give you back your time so that you can grow your business. My goal for today and every day is to help you make the shift from Broke Teacher Mindset to a Rich Teacher Mindset. A Rich Teacher creates multiple streams of income and build a legacy for their family that will last for generations.


I want to thank you so much for listening. And remember you are one additional income stream away from moving from the Classroom to CEO.


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