5 Steps to Add a Course to Your Online Teacher Business

Season #1 Episode #18

As you know, Covid-19 shut down schools and immediately teachers all over the world were forced to set up classrooms from their living rooms and make learning fun and engaging for students who were also working from home.

And guess what? Teachers stepped up to the challenge and made it happen!

You may be one of those teachers.

You may have even disliked every moment of teaching online, but no matter if you loved it or hated it, this one truth remains the same...

Now you know you can do it! You have the skills and expertise to create an online course & make it happen in a virtual environment.

The best part is that it doesn't have to only be for your students. You can use those same skills to create an online course that empowers other educators to achieve success and in this episode Erica shares 5 steps that empower you to do it!

Are you ready to turn your classroom knowledge and expertise into a profitable online business? Of course you are so let's do this!

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