8-30-23: Describe Your Customer Transformation

Season #3

Today's 3-minute episode is all about one of the key CEO Success Moves you NEED to be making. Forget just thinking about YOU; it's time to zoom in on your CUSTOMER. 

Listen, if you're serious about transitioning from Classroom to CEO, you've got to answer this big question: How are you going to make a transformation in your customer's life

Erica is breaking it down, y'all! She's sharing how to identify the specific problem you're solving and the transformation journey your customers will go through when they work with you. 

Just like yesterday's CEO Success Move, don't forget to slide into Erica's DMs and share your customer transformation @ericanterry_ on Instagram.

Don't miss this episode. It's time to go from Classroom to CEO, baby! Tune in now. 🎧✨

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