8-31-23: Plan Your Teacherpreneur Success Ladder

Season #3

Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to transition your teacher side hustle into a full-blown business? This episode is your magic ticket.

In this 3-minute episode, Erica dives into the ins and outs of crafting your very own "Ladder of Success," breaking it down step-by-step. From free lead magnets that hook your audience, to creating irresistible low-cost intro products and strategically up-selling — she's got you covered. 

You’ll even discover how to build a passive income stream (Yes, that's making money while you catch those Z's! ). So if you're looking to elevate your game and live the life of your dreams, this CEO Success Move is your playbook.

And guess what? She even tosses in a golden nugget. Head on over and grab the Classroom to CEO Starter Kit which is jam-packed with 50 tools, resources, and tutorials. It's all there to equip you for your climb up that ladder of Classroom to CEO success. 

Don't just daydream about being a teacherpreneur — take steps to make it your reality. Press play and let's get you moving from the classroom straight to that CEO chair! 

Let's get this CEO party started! 🎧

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

  • Classroom to CEO Starter Kit: 50 Tools, Resources & Screen-Recorded Tutorials that Empower you to Start a Business and Create Your First Products!

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