#34: 5 Passive Income Streams for Busy Teachers

Season #3

If you've ever found yourself strapped for time but still itching to start a side hustle, this episode is tailored just for you. 

Erica's spilling the tea on her top 5 passive income streams that ANY teacher can start, like right now. Seriously, don't let your busy schedule or lack of business experience hold you back. You're gonna get practical, bite-sized strategies to monetize your educator skills.

In this episode, you'll discover how to:
- Leverage digital resources like journals and planners 
- Set up on-demand workshops that can be a game-changer 
- Dive into affiliate marketing even if you're short on time 
- Tap into Amazon KDP and print-on-demand shops

Plus, Erica gives you a REAL-LIFE example of how passive income saved her when life got chaotic. Y'all, this episode is rich in value, authenticity, and actionable steps. Tune in to discover how you can teach all day, and still get that email that says "You've Just Been Paid" while grading papers! 

And if you want to go deeper, join Erica for her next live workshop specifically designed to help educators like you map out a strategic passive income stream plan. Click Here to secure your spot for buying her a small cup of coffee!

Listen now and learn how to get paid in your sleep! 

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