9-7-23: Your Path to Passive Income with On-Demand Workshops

Season #3

Do you find yourself teaching complex topics like it's second nature? Well, today we're harnessing your innate talent for instruction to make your pockets deeper and your impact wider.

In this episode, our host Erica Terry discusses one of the most lucrative passive income streams for educators: On-Demand Workshops.

If you can break down trigonometry or the theory of evolution for your students, you can certainly do the same for customers ready to pay for your knowledge. We're talking about creating workshops that offer quick wins and real-life transformations.

Erica also spills the tea on how you can join our Daily CEO Success Moves Community, where she drops daily tutorials to help you turn these strategies into tangible results. 📈💵

So hit that play button and learn how to repurpose your teaching powers into a workshop that not only educates but also elevates your bank account. Get ready to make that smooth transition from Classroom to CEO!