#35: How to Create Digital Products for Teachers that are NOT Classroom-Related

Season #3

Are you ready to take a grand leap from the four corners of your classroom to being the CEO of your very own thriving online business? If so, then you're definitely in the right place!

In episode 35 of the Classroom to CEO Podcast, your host, Erica Terry, a former educator turned CEO, shares incredible insights and resources just for YOU!

In this episode, you will discover 7 specific examples of digital products any teacher can create - and guess what, they have nothing to do with classroom activities or lessons!

If you're tired of talking about the classroom, but still want to create resources that educators can use, then listen in as Erica take you step-by-step through the process of crafting digital products that not only resonate with fellow educators but empower them to lead more fulfilling lives outside the classroom.

Whether it's developing checklists, planners, or guides, it's time to monetize your expertise and create resources that serve educators globally. Think of this episode as your masterclass in creating a flourishing business that is both fulfilling and profitable!

Are you ready to move from the Classroom to CEO? Tune in to episode 35 and kickstart your journey to creating a business that goes beyond the classroom while empowering educators globally to achieve unprecedented success in their lives!

Don't miss out and stay tuned for daily CEO success moves all week!  

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