Classroom to CEO

Classroom to CEO

Hosted by: Erica N Terry

Looking to turn your teaching skills into a thriving online business? Look no further than the Classroom to CEO Podcast, hosted by Erica N Terry. As a former high school teacher turned CEO, Erica provides actionable...


5 Ways ALL Educators Can Say "Black Lives Matter to Me"

Season #1 Episode #9

Here’s the truth… I’m angry. I’m mad as hell! a black woman who despite the fact that I felt a deep sense of pain and was filled with rage after watching cops maliciously murder George Floyd, I can admit that when it...
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#1 Strategy to Take Your EduBrand to the Next Level

Season #1 Episode #8

Have you recently experienced success in your online business, then all of a sudden, out of nowhere you hit a wall? You've been stuck for months and no matter what you try to do, it seems like your business isn't...
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5 Tools to Get More Done in Less Time as an Edupreneur

Season #1 Episode #7

Do you have a super long to-do list that never seems to end? If so, this episode is for you!Listen in as Erica shares the top 5 tools that she uses to get more done in less time as an edupreneur. If you're ready to...
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How to Get More S*** Done in Less Time as an Edupreneur

Season #1 Episode #6

Do you find yourself spending hours and hours every week completing boring business tasks such as pinning 50 times a day or adding 3-4 Instagram and Facebook posts to your business page everyday? If so, then you...
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3 Steps to Start Your Online Teacher Business for FREE!

Season #1 Episode #5

I don't have enough money to start a business.Have you found yourself using the excuse of not having enough money as a reason for holding off on starting your online education business right now? If so, then get ready...
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3 Steps to Move Past the Broke Teacher Mindset and Finally Start Your Online Business

Season #1 Episode #4

Are you an educator with a million dollar idea that’s stuck in your head for years, but yet you haven’t taken one single step to bring it to life? Instead, you’ve made all kinds of excuses, including ‘I don’t have...
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3 Success Tips for Edupreneurs with Miranda Colwell, Mama Eggers and Lisa Fink

Season #1 Episode #3

Today three expert edupreneurs, Lisa Fink from Think Tank Teacher, Miranda Colwell from the Teacher Tank and Emily Eggers aka Mama Eggers each take a seat at the roundtable and share lessons that they wish they knew...
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2 Mindset Shifts to Achieve Success as an Edupreneur

Season #1 Episode #1

Believe it or not, the best educators make the worst edupreneurs and it’s all because they approach their business the same way that they approach teaching. They work very hard, put in lots of hours and end up with...
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How to Discover the Purpose Behind Your #Teacherproblems

Season #1 Episode #2

Got #teacherproblems? We all do so you are not alone! Your #teacherproblems may have caused you a lot of pain. You may have woke up many nights wondering why you were going through that specific issue, but what I...
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Welcome to the Classroom to CEO Podcast

Season #1

Classroom to CEO is a podcast dedicated to empowering teachers to live a life they love by starting an online business and creating multiple streams of income. It offers a behind the scenes look at the simple and...
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