Classroom to CEO

Classroom to CEO

Hosted by: Erica N Terry

Looking to turn your teaching skills into a thriving online business? Look no further than the Classroom to CEO Podcast, hosted by Erica N Terry. As a former high school teacher turned CEO, Erica provides actionable...


7 Expert Edupreneurs Share the Income Streams they Use to Empower & Inspire Other Educators to Achieve Success

Season #1 Episode #21

For the last few weeks we've broken down how to create multiple streams of income as edupreneurs. Now seven presenters from the Edupreneur Success Summit share how they use the incomes that they've created to empower...
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5 Steps for Edupreneurs to Start a Podcast

Season #1 Episode #20

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast, but not exactly sure what you need to do to get started? I totally get it.When I first thought about starting the Classroom to CEO podcast, I sat on the idea for months...
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Book Clubs as an Additional Income Stream with Dr. Angela Draper

Season #1 Episode #19

If there's one thing that all of us educators have in common it's the fact that we have a love for lifelong learning. We don't only preach it to our students, but we practice it in our own lives. We're always engaging...
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5 Steps to Add a Course to Your Online Teacher Business

Season #1 Episode #18

As you know, Covid-19 shut down schools and immediately teachers all over the world were forced to set up classrooms from their living rooms and make learning fun and engaging for students who were also working from...
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5 Steps to Add Coaching to Your Online Teacher Business

Season #1 Episode #17

Have you been struggling to earn the extra money that you need from your online teacher business to create a legacy for your family and live a life that you love?Last week we talked about 5 profitable income streams...
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5 Profitable Income Streams for Educators

Season #1 Episode #16

Do you desire to start a business and create a legacy for your family that goes beyond what you'll be able to create as a teacher?Are you stuck because you think that the only way to start a profitable online business...
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2 F Bombs That Can Destroy Your Online Teacher Business

Season #1 Episode #15

When it comes to being an edupreneur, there are several things that can happen that make you scream F*** in frustration. In this episode Erica shares the 2 F Bombs that will destroy your online teacher business and...
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5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Earn Passive Income as an Edupreneur

Season #1 Episode #14

Last week in Episode 13 we discussed how to build a passive income system in your online education business and today we're taking it a step further by sharing 5 different affiliate marketing strategies that you can...
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How to Build a Passive Income System as an Edupreneur

Season #1 Episode #13

Did you start a Teachers-Pay-Teachers store and now you feel frustrated by your lackluster monthly sales reports? If so, the affiliate marketing strategy that I share in this episode is exactly what you need to turn...
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FREE Black Lives Matter Resources for Educators

Season #1 Episode #12

Are you investing time reading anti-racist books in order to learn more about systemic racism, equity and access issues? Are you wondering how you will explore this issues with students in a way that fosters growth...
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Instagram Growth Tips for Edupreneurs with Miranda Colwell

Season #1 Episode #11

Today my special guest, expert edupreneur, Miranda Colwell from the Teacher Tank shares her Instagram wisdom while giving us tons of insight on how to implement a no-pressure Instagram strategy that allows us to...
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Edupreneurs are #BetterTogether

Season #1 Episode #10

Is it just me or are you too finding it difficult to stay focused and concentrate on working your side hustle? With all of the racial tension, protests and fight for equality happening here in the US, not only am I an...
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