Classroom to CEO

Classroom to CEO

Hosted by: Erica N Terry

Looking to turn your teaching skills into a thriving online business? Look no further than the Classroom to CEO Podcast, hosted by Erica N Terry. As a former high school teacher turned CEO, Erica provides actionable...


Conquer Imposter Syndrome & Launch that Side Hustle with LaKeisha Davis

Season #2 Episode #31

Have you let negative thoughts like "You're not an expert" or "Who would believe you" stop you from starting the business that's in your heart? Well I came here to tell you that enough is enough! Don't let imposter...
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How to Discover + Appreciate the Lessons in Your Edupreneur Journey with Gretchen Bridgers

Season #2 Episode #30

In this episode, special guest Gretchen Bridgers brings the fire as she shares advice that is guaranteed to help you achieve success as an edupreneur. She shares insight and wisdom from her own journey at Always a...
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How to Overcome the Stress of Teaching to Start an Online Tutoring Business with Sonia Teach

Season #2 Episode #29

Do you feel like teaching is stressing you out more this year than ever before? Whether it stems from the stress associated with virtual teaching or teaching face-to-face and having to stay in your classroom with...
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#28 How to Start + Grow a Teacher YouTube Channel with Thom Gibson

Season #2

In the last two episodes, Erica shared the ups and downs of hosting a virtual summit and announced that the Edupreneur Success Summit will be back December 27th-31st! This episode is the first in a series where Erica...
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5 Unexpected Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Summit (Behind the Scenes part 2)

Season #2 Episode #27

Last week in Episode 26, we discussed 5 lessons that I learned while hosting the Summer Edition of the Edupreneur Success Summit that I used to launch the 5 week course that empowers you to turn your classroom...
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5 Lessons from Hosting a Five Figure Virtual Summit: (Behind the Scenes Part 1)

Season #2 Episode #26

Last week in Episode 25, we discussed 5 strategies that you could implement to actively engage as an expert so that you don't launch your next product to crickets. I used this exact system when I hosted the Edupreneur...
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5 Ways to Grow Your Audience + Have a Successful Product Launch

Season #2 Episode #25

Last week in Episode 24 I shared the one action step that I took at the beginning of 2020 that helped me grow my online business & take it to the next level.In this week we're digging deeper and examining 5...
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1 Step to a Successful Product Launch

Season #2 Episode #24

Have you ever experienced spending days, if not weeks creating a new product that you knew would help a lot of people achieve success in their lives, but when you launched it, very few people bought it. If so, you are...
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The Secret to Building a Highly Engaged 1,000,000+ Member Online Community with Kathleen Hamilton

Season #2 Episode #23

Have you ever wondered how people are able to build highly engaged online communities with thousands of members? Who better to ask than Kathleen Hamilton of GeniusU, an online community with over 1,000,000...
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How to Turn Your Online Business into a Multi-Million Dollar Empire with John Lee Dumas

Season #2 Episode #22

Have you ever wondered the steps someone takes to build their online business to a level where they earn $100,000+ EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH?Do you ever imagine yourself being able to create multiple streams of income and...
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