Edupreneurs are #BetterTogether with Amy Chambers &

Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore


"When I see you guys doing things that pushes me to make sure that I'm not getting left behind, which is really valuable for me."

~Amy Chambers (16:38)

Here's some highlights from this episode:

Erica Terry  0:00  

Is it just me? Or are you too having a hard time getting stuff done this week, having a hard time staying focused because you're spending so much time reflecting on your own life reflecting on your personal experiences as they relate to everything that's going on in the world right now?

Erica Terry  1:08  

And so today, I'm going to be sharing with you all some of the revelations that I've come to and also how I'm going to be applying the same principles in my business. 

Erica Terry  4:46  

the biggest lesson that I have walked away within this past week is truly that we are better together Erica Terry 

Erica Terry  5:20  

I truly want Classroom to CEO to be a platform where everyone is empowered, where we are truly working together in order to build each other up to encourage each other to empower each other

Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore  14:05  

One of the things that you all helped me with is, in terms of deadlines and getting things done, I think having someone who is holding me accountable besides myself, kind of helps me to get things done.

Amy Chambers  16:38  

So when I see you guys doing things that pushes me to make sure that I'm not getting left behind, which is really valuable for me.


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Here's your Power Hour Assignment:

Create an accountability group with 2-3 of your edupreneur friends.


If you loved and were inspired by today's expert edupreneurs, use their contact info below & send them a message to let them know:

Amy Chambers is CEO and Founder of Lighten Up Teaching, a business based on helping educators and parents bring mindfulness and social-emotional techniques to students. Amy is a National Board Certified educator with over 18 years experience in the classroom.

Amy is well known for her calm presence, inviting demeanor, sharp mind and ability to pivot on the spot. She believes that incorporating self-awareness, relationship building and self-expression through creative art are vital tools in student success. Her scope goes beyond theory and her own classroom, as she provides schools and educators advanced training on how to teach mindfulness education and systems as school-wide practices. Amy's specialty is helping educators and parents identify students’ needs, adapt teaching and techniques, and use mindfulness and social-emotional tools to create a new positive and peaceful culture across classrooms and homes.

You can find Amy at:

Website: http://lightenupteaching.com/

Instagram: @lightenupteaching

Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore, founder of Moore Creative Learning, is a coach, speaker and educational thought leader dedicated to helping you create the next generation of creative thinkers who flourish in our connected global community.

She helps you design and implement a strategic pathway of experiences to sharpen your students creative and critical thinking skills, build empathy, and strengthen community. She is fiercely committed to utilizing creative learning strategies to excite students and teachers alike.

For over two decades she has worked as a district and school level administrator, instructional coach and teacher. This invaluable well-rounded perspective helps her to meet the outcomes of teachers, administrators and students.

Dr. Moore is now sharing her skills, knowledge and expertise with new and seasoned teachers looking to implement project-based learning and design thinking strategies, as well as positively overhaul their professional development experiences. Through her consulting, workshops and online training, Michele teaches her clients how to optimize the implementation of her signature REAL Approach framework to effectively integrate inquiry and collaborative learning experiences into their classrooms.

You can find Michele at:

Website: https://www.micheleschmidtmoore.com

Facebook, Instagram + Twitter: @mschmidtmoore


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