Hey There Friend,

Really glad you're here 💕.

I'm Erica, the founder and dreamer that's building a family business + creating generational wealth with her daughter through the Eva the Diva Girl book series.

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Hey There Friend,

I'm so glad you're here 💕.

I'm Erica, the founder and dreamer that's building a family business + creating generational wealth with her daughter through the Eva the Diva Girl book series.

Who is Erica N Terry?

The Short Version

I'm a former educator who quit after 20 years to become a stay-at-home mom and co-author a series of children's books with her 7-year old daughter, Eva.

But more than that...

Building a family business with my daughter allows me to create the life & legacy that my family truly deserves. Not only are we creating multiple streams of income and building generational wealth, but we get to travel the world while attending author visits and events TOGETHER.

Here's the Whole Story

In 2021 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and instantly our entire life changed.

As a self-employed barber, he didn't have sick days or any means to earn money while undergoing chemotherapy. As he fought for his life, I fought for our family. Any educator can tell you that we don't get paid enough and I certainly wasn't. But God... The extra income that I was earning through my online business carried us financially through that difficult time and all glory to God, my husband was completely healed!

That experience taught me that life is too short to stay at a job that doesn't value you and causes you to be stressed out everyday. So I quit and now I spend my days 100% focused on creating a life that I absolutely love.

But what exactly does this mean for you?

How can I help?


If you're a mom who wants to build a family business and create the life that your family deserves from your own unique set of skills and knowledge... I've got your back.

You may think that you lack the tech know-how and/or time to build a family business. But... through step by step training, templates, resources and me in your corner... you'll be able to: .

  • Hire Your Kids + Create Generational Wealth
  • Self-Publish a Children's Book
  • Travel Tax-Free WITH Your Family

Where do you want to start?

Choose Your Family Business Resource


Improve Your Mindset
50 Family Business Affirmations for Moms + Kids

Gain the confidence that you need to build a family business and create generational wealth. 



Create a Business Plan
7 Income Streams Family Business Plan Workshop

Learn step-by-step how to create 7 streams of income and build generational wealth for your family.



Self-Publish a Children's Book
Your First Children's Book from A to Z Workshop

Everything you need to EARN THOUSANDS from your first children's book before you even publish.

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